Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance

                                 Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance

 The newest product I have to review for all of you is a pet product, Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance dog food. This food looks and feels very high quality when compared with the dog food our dog Sophie normally eats.Our dog has always had problems with itchy dry skin and after just days of eating Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance I noticed a difference within a couple of days! The amount of scratching and biting at her skin had greatly decreased, Sophie also really seemed to love the flavor too!

The only thing I found to be a draw back with this food is that it only comes in two sizes, 4 lb and 30 lb. nothing in between. The price of Hill's Science Diet is also a setback for for me. My family is on a tight budget.. I really Do wish this food was cheaper, because so far I think it is really great and I would continue feeding our dog this food because I have seen the wonderful benefits this food has to offer!

I am bzzagent jmcgregor1882 and was provided this dog food by http://www.bzzagent.com to review

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