Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 BzzAgent jmcgregor1882 here with another interesting review for you!

 I was offered the chance to try Smarterer by Bzzagent and I decided I would share what it is like( just as a reminder) I was not paid to do this and these are my own opinions.

 Smarterer is a fun way to show everyone what you know. In just 10 questions and 60 seconds Smarterer can give you a valid score. You can either take tests,create tests or take a look at the leaderboards to see where you rank in. You can browse the tests by interest category or by skill. You can share your smarterer profile link with others so you can show them just how smart you really are! 

 If your looking for something to quiz others on or quiz yourself, Smarterer is a fun and interesting way to do it. 
Just so you know my BzzAgent score at the moment is 718/expert!

Crowdsourced Tests 

Anyone can add tests and questions, so our tests stay up-to-date even on rapidly-changing subjects. 

Simple, Fast Scoring
Smarterer's adaptive scoring algorithm can determine your skill in any digital technology in just 10 questions in under 60 seconds!

Validated Questions
New questions start in the nursery, where user feedback helps get them ready to fly. Mature questions have a stronger impact on your score. 

Users receive badges that represent their skill level and achievement. Share badges wherever you are building your professional identity online. 

Want to see for yourself check them out at the link below!