Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Influenster Moms test Palmolive Fresh Sponge!

*I received this product complimentary from Colgate-Palmolive via Influenster 

I recently was sent Fresh Sponge by Palmolive from Influenster for free to try.The first thing I noticed when I used it was the fragrance, YUMMY! I think it smells like gummy bears! After a couple weeks of using Sponge Fresh I never once had the inevitable "sour,dirty,stinky" sponge smell that everyone that has ever done dishes knows about. Sponge Fresh kept my hands soft and did not dry them out the whole time I tested it out, I'm still currently using it and it's working just as effective as it did the first week I used it! One other thing I found was that Sponge fresh is phosphate free, which is very refreshing to see from a dish soap company!  I love the new smell that permeates the air around my sink!

Palmolive in my opinion is the best dish soap brand ever! It's tough on grease and not your hands and has always been consistently high quality. All of this at a very reasonable price!

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