Thursday, December 15, 2011

ECO Store baby shampoo

I have been enjoying using Eco Store's Aromatherapy Baby Shampoo that I won on cyber Monday
on my ten month old, Jensynn for a week now! This shampoo is very lite, mild and also has a great smell of eucalyptus, lavender and geranium. I didn't notice the geranium smell but defiantly noticed eucalyptus and lavender. I did find that the shampoo is slightly runnier than other shampoo's I have used.( User beware don't squeeze the bottle too hard like I did!) It's no big deal though, because this makes the shampoo distribute throughout the hair evenly! I also loved the lather on this shampoo and you don't have to use much at all(about dime size amount) 

After using this for a full week I noticed my son has softer shinier hair and I can also noticed he has a bit more curl to the back of his hair. This shampoo is $8.50 on
 I'm happy to say I will be ordering more Eco Store baby products once this shampoo runs out! Pleae also visit Eco Store on facebook at

*2012 Update* 
Sadly after using Ecostore for a while We had to stop using it due to  my son developing eczema. All of the baby products I tried by them  which include; Baby Sleepytime Bath, Baby Bar Soap, Baby Moisturizer and the Baby Shampoo. These have all given my son a reaction after trying them one at a time. The only product that did not cause a reaction was the Baby Nappy Balm.

I will be trying to find new safe,natural and eco friendly baby products that help Sooth eczema. I feel I have a hard journey ahead of me. As soon as I find something that might help anyone else adult,child or baby that also suffers from eczema I will do a blog on it. Hope this was helpful to anyone that is going through the same thing.