Friday, February 24, 2012

Comforts For Baby

 Hey everyone! BzzAgent jmcgregor1882 here! I recently got to try Comforters For Baby (Kroger's brand of baby products) free thanks to BzzAgent! First off I wanted to say I love the diapers! They are like Huggies but I think they absorb much better, do not leak and are a lot cheaper! They also fit my son so well.

 The next product by Comforts For Baby I tried were the sippy cups. Nothing really special to report here except they are BPA free and cheaper than most sippy cup brands. Since my son is currently being weened off of a bottle these did not work so well because his current sippy cups have a soft spout, I will just have to use them when he gets older!

 Overall I think Comforts For Baby is a great quality brand and really helps save you money The diapers are my favorite and best store brand I have ever used! I am so glad I got the importunity to be in the Comforts for baby campaign by BzzAgent! If you would like to learn more about Comforts For Baby or BzzAgent please check out the links below!

3/13/2012 update
 Since this campaign I have bought a box of Comforts diapers and was disappointed to find out that they changed the design! They don't fit like Huggies diapers anymore. They are just like any other off brand now, in my opinion. I really loved them too.