Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celiac disease awareness month

 Hey everyone! It's nearing the end of my favorite month, October! and If you have celiac disease then you are most likely well aware that October is celiac disease awareness month.. My husband and I got some great deals this month on some sales that were going on for a couple gluten free brands, Shar and Tinkyada.

 I did another video on gluten free products to kind of celebrate and help put out the word on some really great brands. So since my husband has celiac disease I no doubt end up eating some gluten free products a lot! I decided a couple months ago that I would love to help those that are newly diagnosed with celiac find their way through the gluten free food world. I figured since I am able to eat wheat and gluten I could do some taste tests on gluten free foods and review them. and let people know which brands are most like, if not just like a non-gluten free product!

 My husband's mother also suffers from this disease so I try to keep her informed of products as well. I will be posting gluten free recipes soon as well as reviews on gluten free products to this blog. I have also shared my gluten free lasagna recipe on my You Tube channel (check out the links below ) also check out my gluten free product review below. If you like my You Tube channel please also subscribe! I look forward to trying new stuff and letting all of you know a non-celiacs opinion!

My You Tube channel

                                          My gluten free lasagna recipe

                                          My gluten free products review                                                 

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