Friday, August 19, 2011

Celiac disease: Living the gluten free life

 For a couple of years now I have been researching celiac disease, I myself do not have it but my husband does and his mother as well. It's a very difficult disease to live with at first but it does get easier. Some of my tips for anyone suffering from this disease would be this

  • Research,research,research
  • Study your food labels Very well!
  • Join a celiac disease forum. (this helps with finding out the latest news on the disease)
  • Learn how to bake and cook. (if your not the greatest at it.)

 I do the cooking and baking in my home, so my husband is pretty lucky when it comes to cooking a gluten free meal. It's difficult finding products that taste "normal" and it can get pretty expensive trying out different brands to find the ones you like.

Here is a top list of some of our favorite brands that might really help anyone starting out


  •   Schar
  •   Mrs.Leepers 
  •   Barkat
  •   Ancient harvest-quinoa
  •   Ener-G
  •   Sam Mills


  • Schar
  • Udi's
  • gluten free pantry(bread mix)

Cake,cookies and pancakes

  • Betty crocker gluten free products
  • Pamelas products

That's really all the definite brands that are favorites right now, but that list will still be growing and I will add to it.
 Now on to restaurants! It's always a risk eating out, you stand the chance of cross contamination..You should always do your research before eating at a restaurant. I always look online at the food allergen info on the menu's. Below I have listed some restaurants that a great for gluten free food. Again there is no guarantee that you will not be cross contaminated. It is also a good idea to limit the times you do eat out a month.


Old Spaghetti Factory(GF pasta)
Maggiano's(must call ahead to ensure they have GF pasta available)
Uno Chicago Grill (GF pizza)
Olive Garden(GF pasta)
Mellow Mushroom(GF pizza)

Be sure the server at the restaurant is knowledgeable about celiac disease, if you mention it to them and they look at you like they have no idea what you are saying,ask for a manager or better yet just choose not to eat at that restaurant.


  1. Thank You for this! This is awesome because I just started eating Gluten Free Products and it is superb. I think many should eat organic food because food without the pesticides and chemicals means healthy living in the long run. They are not bad for you at all. :)

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog Brooke :)
    and I'm glad this was helpful to you!